iManifold integration into MessureQUICK

Awesome times at MeasureQUICK! What a difference a year makes. The integration of iManifold into MeausreQUICK breaths new life into a product that so many of you invested in. Thanks for your continued support!

4 thoughts on “iManifold integration into MessureQUICK

  • Dale

    I tried to use your app with Imanifold today, it would connect, but all temps and pressure off about 50 to 80 pounds and or degrees, would not zero out,
    Went back to Imanifold app and OK
    Any ideas, would like to try your app
    Thank you Dale

    • Jim Bergmann


      By default, the app goes to the NIST mode or “Non-Invasive Test Mode”. Go to the left menu, select “Test Mode” and “System Test” that should resolve the issue. If the needles are blue on the gauges, they are showing where the pressure should be based on the load conditions. If you tap the blue leaf in the upper left it will explain how the NIST mode works.



  • George Childers

    Couple of questions.
    Are there any plans to incorporate the red fish meter into measure quick?
    Are you developing a maintenance check list like the iManifold app? (I want to move away from theirs)
    Are you adding in the BluVac micron gauge?

    Glad to see you back Jim.

    George Childers

    • Jim Bergmann

      Redfish is on the way, Bluvac is already incorporated, and we are working on the checklists for MeasureQUICK!

      Thanks, George!

      Jim Bergmann


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