New App update out for iOS and Android

Updates to the MeasureQUICK Application

The app update has been released for Android and is in the approval process for Apple. Hopefully, it will be in everyone’s hands by Monday. Thanks for all of the feedback on the MeasureQUICK beta application. There have been over 100 changes some small some significant to MeasureQUICK that improve calculations, navigation, and the user interface to simply improve the quality of information gathered about the system and its operation. The exciting parts are on the way as the next release will open up the ability to connect to the Testo Smart Probes, and the BluVac Professional+. We will also be releasing basic reporting and user will be able to register for their free cloud account.

A lot of things are simply improvements to the UI (User Interface) and the UX (User experience).  Bobby and the programming team is very big on making MeasureQUICK easy to use and easy to understand. The app does a lot of complex calculations but should not be complex to use.

That said, we decided internally that we would be making a separate application for refrigeration. Refrigeration is enough different and has a different enough user base that a dedicated application makes sense. We will also do the same for other specialty fields as we go.

Below is a partial list of things that were worked on, some were spelling corrections and other insignificant changes as far as operation. A lot of the changes are from internal notes, but we thought we would share them anyway. There will be a video highlighting some of the key features and changes coming soon. A big thank-you to everyone for your input.

The MeasureQUICK Update List

  1. Fixed bug where sometimes model windows would not scroll.
  2. Fixed bug where the selected refrigerant would revert back to R410A when leaving the home screen and coming back
  3. Made sure certain text in “information” cards would not be black, but a lighter gray color that’s harder to see
  4. Added high suction line temp, high discharge line temperature, high compression ratio Black flags. Black flags are indicators that system damage with these symptoms left unresolved could result.
  5. The liquid line below ambient uses yellow caution triangle and similarly doesn’t add in scoring visible on the screen, during low load. This is just a notification that the condenser is still wet after cleaning.
  6. Fixed issue where target temperature split could be calculated incorrectly.
  7. Add DTD’s to SEER page and “Ultra High Efficiency”
  8. Add new system wide high airflow with text.
  9. Add a yellow troubleshooting flag with text “Superheat target is below 5 degrees. Target has been set to a default of 5. Do not adjust the charge below 5 degrees of superheat of compressor damage could result”
  10. Updated menu icons to match other areas
  11. Get Yellow triangle and black flag showing on the main interface and produce a hierarchy of top level flags to determine which indicator to show -> Black Flag, Yellow Triangle, Red Flag, Yellow Flag, Green Flag
  12. Add new text to diagnostics page to explain the meanings of the flags.
  13. Equivalent line set length for detailed performance calculations. These will derate the system base upon a pressure drop in the suction line.
  14. Add leaf on outdoor measurements screen when in NIST (Non-Invasive System Test) mode for pressure readings
  15. Models and serials page, add AHRI Cert Ref #, it will tie to the database soon.
  16. Don’t let the full-screen tablet model push down the non-tablet model title on iOS
  17. Installation information (new section in system info page) for detailed capacity calculations.
  18. Visit HVAC School on Resources page added to help section so Bryan can find his website.
  19. Make a switch for relative humidity vs. wet bulb on the ACR-model, fill in any two and calculate the third.
  20. Allow the user to put in sensible and latent capacity and let the app calculate SHR from those numbers to show correct ranges on targets.
  21. Add ability to track touch points and turn setting on/off from new settings menu for training and demo of the application.
  22. Bug in nominal air flow model when selected from inside ACR-model.. it doesn’t show the rated airflow correctly
  23. Update low evaporator load verbiage
  24. High-efficiency evaporator switch added in the configuration section.
  25. Additional diagnostics information not scrolling to the top
  26. Liquid line diameter, suction line diameter 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, 1… suction line, 3/8, 1/2,5/8,3/4,7/8,1-1/8,1-1/4, 1-3/8, 1-1/2, 1-5/8, 1-7/8, 2, 2-1/2, 3 for start-up documentation.
  27. Add line set lift to installation information
  28. Add line set location with options attic, basement, underground for capacity calculation corrections.
  29. RH -> WB Calculated
  30. Add settings menu
  31. Add Keep Screen Awake to settings so the application does not close during use.
  32. Add units of measure placeholders to settings, units of measure coming in the next release.
  33. Make “multi page” dots bigger so they are easier to see.
  34. Increase ideal range on the latent capacity to go down to zero. Latent capacity varies with the latent load and can go down to zero in desert climates.
  35. Add revert to sea level option if weather data has been gathered for testing of calculations.
  36. Add Electrical setup info to the Electrical page for quicker configuration without leaving the menu.
  37. Make collapsible tabs global to aid in navigation.
  38. Version history ability using new app messages
  39. Fix iOS issue with touch indicators where the dot would not go away if clicked into an input box
  40. Calculate the background SHR based on nominal airflow.. then calculate what the SHR would be @ AHRI.. also do the same for when only a rated airflow is entered
  41. Add NIST (Non-Invasive System Test) introduction to help menu to better explain the process of checking the charge without gauges.
  42. Add NIST info icon to the main screen
  43. Fix Enthalpy high and low descriptions
  44. Make enthalpy a positive number for “cooling”
  45. Fix compression ratio target calculation
  46. Make an allowable range of superheat for TXV go from 6 to 24 deg F. This is a total superheat calculation. We will add a switch later to select between total and evaporator superheat.

Keep the feedback coming.


Jim Bergmann

15 thoughts on “New App update out for iOS and Android

  • Jeff Martin

    Can we get a 575v option for unit nominal voltage under three phase setting.

    • Jim Bergmann

      We can do that, I have put it on the list for the next update

  • Michael Vargas

    is android app to access smart probes update actually out. It says so on site but cant find link.

    • Jim Bergmann

      Search for “Measurequick”, all one word. The probes are not activated yet but will be in the next few days. We are going through the application and verifying that everything works with the new Apple iOS prior to release.

  • Vinay Pandit

    New Android Update Looks Great….

  • T.J. Williams

    Will I be able to use the testo 550 – Digital manifold kit with Bluetooth with this app?

    • Jim Bergmann

      We are meeting with Testo at AHR, I will know more about that question soon.



  • Todd

    How come the weather function don’t work, can’t get weather info or manually enter them either.

    • Jim Bergmann

      Likely you do not have location services enabled for the application. This is required for weather data.



  • Bryan

    Will the application be able to accept different manufacture Bluetooth devices at the same time. For instance singing te testo clamp meter with field piece probes or other pressure probes. Also when do you expect to release the application and any idea on cost?

    • Jim Bergmann

      Actually, it already does talk to many at the same time. We can use a combination of probes to get the testing done. Some are directly connected and some app-to-app. We will have the beta out next week. The cost is dependant upon the tool connected. We are still working out those details.

  • Jason Julian

    Will MQ eventually work with the Fieldpiece jl3 probes

    • Jim Bergmann

      We are talking to Fieldpiece, We hope so.

  • phil ferrer

    Can’t make measurequick hvac app to sync with testo probes. But syncs with testo app. need help. thanks.

    • Jim Bergmann


      The Testo probes do not talk directly to MeausreQUICK it is App-to-app communication. Take a look at the video here for a demo of how it works. In Testos last app update, they changed “share” to Testo JSON File.


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