Why Hitting 500 Microns is Not Enough!

As a primer to this post, I would not have done the evacuation quite this way, with multiple pulldown and isolations at 500 microns,  the goal was to demonstrate the characteristics of a system with moisture and to prove that “hitting 500 microns” is not enough.  Hitting 500 microns in no way shape or form […]

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How Long Should You Evacuate a System?

Anyone that has ever picked up a vacuum pump has asked or been asked this question, and to be truthful it is like asking “How many licks will it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?” In the words of the wise old owl, “The world may never know.” Modern […]

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AccuTools BluVac App open for beta testing
AccuTools BluVac App

Hey! Before you read all the exciting news, PLEASE like and Follow MeasureQUICK! Thank-you! AccuTools and MeasureQUICK have partnered to built a new stand-alone application for the BluVac+ Professional gauge, and we are looking for beta testers that own the BluVac+ Professional or are in the market to buy one and would like to be […]

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