It's not about the data,

it's about doing something with it!

MeasureQUICK makes measurement science work! It is a measurement making, data aggregating, diagnostic, teaching, and analytics tool. Leveraging cloud storage and retrieval, information about each job, piece of equipment, or system, data can be stored, retrieved, viewed and studied. This makes sure that the inspection process is complete, done correctly, compared or contrasted to known references, and done in a manner that is consistent from technician to technician. Information from your lead technicians is available to everyone on your staff right down to the entry level technicians, and if a technician leaves or retires, the knowledge base stays with the company rather then walking out the door. MeasureQUICK becomes a powerful “knowledge asset” that can be sold with your business.

Quicker Service Calls
More Documentation
First-time Fix Rate

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MeasureQUICK is a framework that contains “prebuilt checklists” that are editable as well as user input boxes, so users of this application in any industry can create dynamic checklists, document the measurement requirements, document the source of the requirement, document the proper measurement process, allow the input when the opportune time is to measure, verify the measurements that come from Bluetooth equipped devices, optimize the workflow, and analyze the data.

MeasureQUICK not only digitally displays measurements, but also provides analog simulations, trending and graphing options to see how they look over time.
Remote Access
With MeasureQUICK, all data is streamed and accessible while a tech is still out in the field. You can determine the location of the technician and assist them, when necessary.
High Quality Reports
MeasureQUICK provides a large number of PDF reports that can document processes, checklists, commissioning and more. Reports can be branded to your company.

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iManifold integration into MeasureQUICK

Awesome times at MeasureQUICK! What a difference a year makes. The integration of iManifold into MeausreQUICK breaths new life into a product that so many of you invested in. Thanks for your continued support!

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Testing the Testo Smart Probes with MeasureQUICK

Testo Smart Probes in Action with MeasureQUICK Working with the Testo Smart Probes, and finally getting some data from live equipment into MeasureQUICK. I had some reservations about the ease of use of app-to-app communication, but no more. We are very happy with the first pass. MeasureQUICK takes the Testo Smart Probes to a whole […]

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New App update out for iOS and Android

Updates to the MeasureQUICK Application The app update has been released for Android and is in the approval process for Apple. Hopefully, it will be in everyone’s hands by Monday. Thanks for all of the feedback on the MeasureQUICK beta application. There have been over 100 changes some small some significant to MeasureQUICK that improve […]

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